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Large-scale events, new product launches, peak tires, dance performances, conference services, annual celebrations

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Museums, art galleries, cultural centers, auctions, corporate exhibition halls, commercial exhibitions, art exhibitions

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Expo, cultural hall annual meeting, booth design, exhibition hall construction, art engineering, theme tour

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Seamless display panels, calligraphy and painting panels, art exhibition panels, event exhibition walls, mobile exhibition walls, art gallery exhibiti

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One-stop booth design in the world, saving effort and all-round display of corporate image

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Hundreds of home stadiums, thousands of venues, tens of thousands of auctions

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ISO international quality system certification, product patent certification, engineering design and construction integration qualification, etc.

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Global Exhibition Industry Chain Service Providers,Have a modern factory

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To provide you with one-stop services such as global exhibition, exhibition planning, event planning, etc.

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The 22nd West Lake Art Fair

On November 15th, the 22nd West Lake Art Fair hosted by Beijing Beichuang International Exhibition Co., Ltd. was reopened at the Hangzhou Peace International Convention and Exhibition Center. In the su...



2019 China (Qingzhou) International Cultural Art Fa

On April 28th, the opening ceremony of the China·Qingzhou Culture and Art Festival and the 2019 China (Qingzhou) International Cultural Art Fair was held in the Blue City·Zhongchen Qingzhou Internat...



[Bei Chuang Contractor] 2019 China International Se

The China International Service Trade Fair in 2019 was held in Beijing from May 28th to June 1st. The Beijing International Trade Fair is jointly organized by the Ministry of Commerce and the Beijing M...



Bei Chuang Chengzhan | 2019 Jiade Dianya Art Week r

The 6th Jiadedian Art Week (GFAA2019) is being held in Beijing Jiade Art Center. This art week focuses on antiques and classic art, design and life aesthetics, and adheres to the concept of classical, ...

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Beichuang International is a global industry chain service provider specializing in global exhibitions.


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