Melbourne International Auctions Spring Auction 2019

 Company News     |      2019-12-03 15:07
Melbourne international auctions held its first auction at the crown conference hall in Melbourne, Australia on 11.1-11.4.Melbourne international auction company specializes in Chinese paintings, Chinese art and contemporary art collection and appreciation, all products are carefully selected by the company's professionals to meet the tastes and needs of different consumers.

The auction has carefully planned three different special sessions for Australian collectors, including the Chinese and western famous friends' collection of calligraphy and painting treasures, jade treasures, and contemporary ink and wash. Each of the works in each session is carefully selected by experts to meet the tastes and tastes of collectors of different ages. Many of the calligraphy and painting works in this auction are from famous collectors in the 1940s-1960s and those who have made great contributions to and changed the history of Chinese art, such as Wang Jiqian, Zhang Daqian, Gao Juhan, etc.

The auction was packed and the results on the whole exceeded expectations. Telephone entrusts auction to also be very hot, auction entrusts a dozen telephones on seat one after another, auction to a few exquisite article telephone auction competition is ceaseless. A piece of qing qianlong cochineal red and foreign color eight immortals are particularly eye-catching and also took a very good result. From the perspective of porcelain appreciation, this porcelain can be said to be a very wonderful qianlong royal kiln boutique. Judging from the auction results, its transaction price far exceeded expectations, which shows that the boutique still needs market inspection and has been recognized by collectors.

Lot description:

Lot 0088
ANONYMOUS (song dynasty)
Hammer Price 898,500 AUD

Lot 0099
WU LI Landscape
Hammer Price 539,100 AUD

Lot 0149
Hammer Price 479,200 AUD

Lot 0095
Rubbing of OuYang xun's Calligraphy
Hammer Price 359,400 AUD

Lot 0084
Hammer Price 335,440 AUD
Lot 0084

Lot 0148
Hammer Price 299,500 AUD
Lot 0148

This exhibition was set up by a professional team of Beichuang Group. In the exhibition industry's many years of exhibition construction and development, Beichuang has accumulated rich operational experience, which makes us more able to operate various exhibition projects with ease.
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