Bei Chuang Chengzhan | 2019 Jiade Dianya Art Week reopened a

 Company News     |      2019-11-19 14:40

The 6th Jiadedian Art Week (GFAA2019) is being held in Beijing Jiade Art Center. This art week focuses on antiques and classic art, design and life aesthetics, and adheres to the concept of classical, open, international and diverse. The audience showed the artistic value of various kinds of exhibits such as antiques, classic art, decorative art and jewelry. This art week is hosted by Beijing Beichuang International Exhibition Co., Ltd., a brand exhibition company that has been working for many years, to bring a high-quality participation experience to a wider audience.
      For the first time, the scale of the GFAA2019 exhibition has expanded to the three-storey exhibition hall of the Guardian Art Center, and presents more diverse colors and vitality in collection selection, theme curation, public projects, exhibition design language, artistic experience and service mode. As a new landmark of Beijing culture close to the Forbidden City, the Guardian Art Center teamed up with Beichuang International Convention and Exhibition to create a fun and artistic feast of the intersection of the East and the West, and between tradition and contemporary.

      It is understood that the GFAA2019 exhibit gallery is still luxurious, the site not only brings together the Chinese antique art, but also invites high-quality antiques and design galleries from Europe, North America, Hong Kong, China and Taiwan, including 19th century. And some classic works of the 20th century, classic antique furniture, sculptures, old carpets, crystals and silverware, and many other art decorations have attracted many audiences to watch, and more quaint and beautiful things are worth looking forward to.

For the style of the event and the nature of the exhibition, the Beichuang International Convention and Exhibition team has brought a unique plan. Considering the integration and development of cultural values ​​and spatial aesthetics, it is necessary to express the classical aesthetics of Chinese oriental aesthetics as well as the history of the development of Western civilization. Beichuang International Convention and Exhibition combines the layout of the Guardian Art Center structure layout planning, carefully selects the color of the exhibition board and the construction plan, from the color distribution to the spatial planning, the detailed human design combined with the historical reference value, every detail is strictly checked to ensure that each An exhibit can express its own texture and ensure the sense of substitution and experience when the audience visits.
Diverse exhibition dimension
While continuing to deepen the classical and exquisite brand features, GFAA2019 strives to present a diverse artistic dimension to the audience with more special projects and public projects.
The special project "Artisan" combines excellent institutions to continuously excavate and bring together the works of outstanding craftsmen from all over the world to enter the Art Week. "Ingenuity - The Traditional Craft Exhibition of Japan", "The Living Life - The Presentation of Tea", "Reward" The three different sections of the Taiwan-Our Contemporary Artists Exhibition will focus on the craftsmen of Japan, China, and Taiwan. Among them, the ingenuity - the traditional Japanese craft exhibition will showcase more than 400 pieces of craftsmanship ranging from lacquerware, ceramics, carving gold, casting, silverware and bamboo products in Japan from Meiji to modern times.
The special exhibition "Evolution: Kaminsky Art Jewelry Retrospective" shows nearly one thousand works of Vered Kaminski, one of the most influential jewellery designers in the world, in his 30-year career. .
In conjunction with the Long March Space, the public art project "Time Field" was presented, bringing together the recent creations of four well-known Chinese contemporary artists - Wang Jianwei, Xu Zhen, Yu Hong, and Prospects - including large-scale sculpture and painting installations.

The aesthetics of installation and space has set off a wave of academic discussion in the art circle, and it will certainly be one of the innovative directions of future art development. How to make the harmony between the two perfect and harmonious, can reflect the history of art development, is the need of scholars Careful consideration of the issue. Considering that both Chinese and Western civilizations have their own unique representatives, how to coordinate the exhibitions in space, Beichuang International Convention and Exhibition, and how to balance Chinese and Western civilizations, perhaps the answer and inspiration can be obtained in this art week.
It is reported that the event will last until November 3rd. In addition to the appearance of classic works of art, well-known art scholars from the industry will come to the site during the event to discuss with the public the innovation of the future form of the art market and explore how to build a diverse , professional, stable art trading platform.