The 9th Chinese Painting Festival

 Industry dynamics     |      2019-11-25 14:04

The 9th China Painting Festival and the 12th Weifang Cultural Exhibition will be held from April 19 to 23, 2019 at the Lutai Convention and Exhibition Center in Weifang. The preparatory work is being carried out in an orderly manner.

Past painting festival scene
As the main organizer of this festival, Beichuang International Convention and Exhibition is still using the light and seamless display materials for large-scale art exhibitions tailored for its production. With the new mobile exhibition wall, it will enrich the artistic momentum of this festival !

Past painting festival scene

Since 2008, the 8th Chinese Painting Festival and the 11th Cultural and Art Exhibition Fair have been successfully held, and a platform for cultural exchange and development has been established, which has produced good social and economic benefits.

Past painting festival scene

It is understood that the main section of the Chinese Painting Festival and the Cultural Exhibition will cover an area of ​​40,000 square meters, with emphasis on the top ten sections.

The first is the Chinese Painting Festival. With the theme of "Showing the Heart of Love and Presenting the Art of Beauty", this year's festival will focus on the "high" and "new" positioning, closely follow the theme of the new era, grasp the academic direction, and highlight the "fine" and "special" "Guangzhou" features strengthen its academic leadership and mass communication. The overall planning of the exhibition area adopts a large-scale plan, consisting of six square arrays and more than 30 exhibition venues.
The second is the 4th China (Weifang) Folk Art Fair. We will invite national-level folk art masters, winners of the Chinese National Association's Mountain Flower Awards, and featured folk art talents to participate. Focus on ceramic art, folk painting, paper-cutting, weaving and embroidery, four treasures of the study, national musical instruments, and mahogany root carvings.
The third is the International Contemporary Art Invitational Exhibition. The special exhibition area will be set up to showcase contemporary art works from Japan, Korea, Ukraine and other countries, including sculptures, installations, paintings, and images. Through the creation of special scenes, we will provide an elegant artistic enjoyment for the audience.
The fourth is the famous exhibition of ceramic purple sand art. Focus on the display of various famous kiln ceramics and Yixing purple sand boutique, and invite some Taiwanese ceramic purple sand artists to participate in the exhibition, carry out ceramic ceramic art exchanges, and conduct on-site production and display.
The fifth is the 2019 “Chinese Painting Capital” creative design weekly exhibition area. The "Asian Illustrator of the Year" licensing exhibition will be held in the main venue Taiwan Pavilion, the "Taishan Design Cup" Cultural and Creative Design Competition in 2018 and the 2019 "Taishan Design Cup" Weifang Division will be launched, and the "Jingzhi Cup" packaging design will be launched. Creative camp and excellent works exhibition.
Sixth is the visible poem - China Oil Painting Landscape Works Invitational Exhibition (2019). In the Shifangyuan Cultural District of Weifang, organize a domestic oil painting masterpiece exhibition.
Seventh is the construction of advanced counties and key cultural enterprises in culturally strong provinces. It will showcase the achievements of cultural construction in some advanced counties and cities, and the key cultural enterprises in the fields of virtual reality, smart wear, media design and folk tourism.
Eight is the Shengshi Guoyun Redwood Exhibition and Wenchuang Boutique Exhibition. Focus on the domestic famous mahogany enterprise art boutique, Chinese traditional wooden art and foreign high-end mahogany furniture, handicrafts, etc.; focus on the latest cultural and creative design and cultural technology products at home and abroad.
Nine is the Nepalese Thangka Art Exhibition. A batch of Nepalese Thangka boutiques will be displayed in a concentrated manner.
Ten is a comprehensive interactive area of ​​culture and art (square). Organize outdoor sports and square sculpture exhibitions at the outdoor plaza of the Lutai Exhibition Center.
In addition, during the Chinese Painting Festival and the Cultural Exhibition, the opening ceremony will be organized, the 8th "Shuishui Spring" outstanding mass cultural performances will be staged, the 4th Weifang Citizen Culture Festival, the 2019 China Art Finance Annual Conference, and the Chinese Landscape Painting Academic Conference. The conference and the new period of the provincial and municipal art association work seminars, "to the people go - folk art into the Wanjia activities" launching ceremony and many other thematic activities. At the same time, set up a sub-conference venue in the central city and related counties and cities to organize some special cultural activities.
It is understood that this year's Chinese Painting Festival and Cultural Exhibition will highlight the concept of high-end, special features and thrift, promote outstanding traditional culture, create a platform for cultural exchanges and cooperation, and focus on the highlights of Weifang's “Chinese Painting Capital” and “Chinese Folk Literature Township”. Actively strive to create the United Nations craftsmanship and folk art capital, and constantly enhance the external influence and reputation of Weifang culture.